SDG 8 - Decent work and Economic growth

Over the past 25 years the number of workers living in extreme poverty has declined dramatically, despite the lasting impact of the 2008 economic crisis and global recession. As the global economy continues to recover we are seeing slower growth, widening inequalities, and not enough jobs to keep up with a growing labour force. According to the International Labour Organization, more than 204 million people were unemployed in 2015.

The SDGs promote sustained economic growth, higher levels of productivity and technological innovation. Encouraging entrepreneurship and job creation are key to this, as are effective measures to eradicate forced labour, slavery and human trafficking. With these targets in mind, the goal is to achieve full and productive employment, and decent work, for all women and men by 2030.

Youth Engagement For Global Action in West Africa

On 12th August 2020, a webinar on the theme: Youth Engagement For Global Action was successfully conducted by Voice Of Hope Youth Organization International in collaboration with Helping Hand International, via Zoom Meet. It was organized to celebrate the occasion of International Youth Day. The webinar was hosted by Helping Hand International West Africa President, Mr. Ibrahim Alpha Moigua.

As reported by Mr. Ibrahim Alpha Moigua, it was indeed an awesome event where the youths from different regions came together to have a discourse on various socio – economic issue, effects of climate change, peace, conflicts, etc. Through the webinar, the determined young minds exchanged all the innovative ideas and tried their best to seek resolution for the purpose of eradicating the eradicating the alarming hurdles that the people have been facing, especially the residents of Sierra Leone.

Webinar: Role of Generations In SDGs in Indonesia.

A webinar was held on 17th August, 2020 on the role of generations in SDGs. Speaker was of the event was Faheerain Calista Fahira (Co-Founder of Arise Arose).


  • Opening and Introduction to SDGs
  • Speaker’s Opinion on SDGs
  • Discussion on international issues that could be reduced by achieving SDGs
  • Speaker’s Opinion regarding the importance of SDG 17 to achieve the goals
  • Speaker’s Opinion on whether or not our generation should contribute
  • Ways to contribute in order to achieve the SDGs
  • Q and A session and closing ceremony.