SDG 17

 Partnerships for the goals


The SDGs can only be realized with strong global partnerships and cooperation. Official Development Assistance remained steady but below target, at US$147 billion in 2017. While humanitarian crises brought on by conflict or natural disasters continue to demand more financial resources and aid. Many countries also require Official Development Assistance to encourage growth and trade.


The world is more interconnected than ever. Improving access to technology and knowledge is an important way to share ideas and foster innovation. Coordinating policies to help developing countries manage their debt, as well as promoting investment for the least developed, is vital for sustainable growth and development.


The goals aim to enhance North-South and South-South cooperation by supporting national plans to achieve all the targets. Promoting international trade, and helping developing countries increase their exports is all part of achieving a universal rules-based and equitable trading system that is fair and open and benefits all.


 Partnership and collaboration.


Helping Hand International doesn't not believe in competition. We strongly believe in collaborating with different various organisations and like minded people to bring a positive change in this world. We strive to work towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, spread awareness, and enable like-minded youth to become powerful agents of change around the world and which we believe can achieve through collaboration and partnerships.

Helping Hand International is also the official member of UN MGCY ( United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth). We have collaborated with a lot of organisations all around the world in our various projects. Some of these collaborators are:

               SDG choupal


            we the change

            Connecting Dream Foundation

            RPG africa

               Lead india

            Zaifi Robot

               Propeller technology

               win wings of fire

            DPH Health

               Global shala

            Youth Empowerment

               Kita Progresif

               Speak Up Now

               Youthped Indonesia

               IYOIN LC Jakarta

               Indonesia Millennial


               Elevate The Future

               Pilar Project

               Rumah Caper

               Shine Project

               Thirst Project


               Arise Arose

               Assessor 2020

               Kita Beraksi

               Kejar Mimpi