SDG 10

 Reduced inequalities


According to UNDP SDGs, income inequality is on the risethe richest 10 percent have up to 40 percent of global income whereas the poorest 10 percent earn only between 2 to 7 percent. If we take into account population growth inequality in developing countries, inequality has increased by 11 percent.


Income inequality has increased in nearly everywhere in recent decades, but at different speeds. These widening disparities require sound policies to empower lower income earners, and promote economic inclusion of all regardless of sex, race or ethnicity.


Income inequality requires global solutions. This involves improving the regulation and monitoring of financial markets and institutions, encouraging development assistance and foreign direct investment to regions where the need is greatest. Facilitating the safe migration and mobility of people is also key to bridging the widening divide.


 Women Empowerment


Helping Hand International believes that empowerment of women can bring a positive attitudinal change in the world. So HHI is actively working in empowering women through all means. From the starting of the organisation HHI has always believed in the competency of women and that's the reason that more than 85% of the members are women in HHI. We have women as the president in most of the branches of HHI. We strongly believe in the capacity of the women and hence most of the webinar of HHI are led by girls. Even women are always given the first preference in all the important committees of Helping Hand International.


 Educational Initiatives For The Unprivileged


Education is one of the basic needs of every citizen in order to prosper and survive in the 21st Century.


In the year 2016, the members of our organization started teaching children from the slums of Gandhinagar and the neighbouring areas. We used to teach them basic science and


mathematics every Sunday. We also made sure that these children are not just academically strong but also In the year 2016, the members of our organization started teaching children from the slums of Gandhinagar and the neighbouring areas. We used to teach them basic science and mathematics every Sunday. We also made sure that these children are not just academically strong but also taught them good habits and moral values that can make them good citizens with a positive character. We used to provide them with textbooks and stationery with the funds we got from our acquaintances. We also taught them the importance of

self-hygiene as a part of academic teaching. This initiative was appreciated by the senior

citizens of the slum who believed that we could bring about a positive change in their lives by educating the children from the slum. Their words of appreciation were a major boost for our organization. With the help of the Right to Education Act,2005, we made sure that some children get an opportunity to study in a private school and these children have been doing very well in their academic pursuits. In order to help college students from a poor background, we started an initiative in the colleges of Gandhinagar where the seniors can donate their books to us and we made sure that these books are available to the unprivileged college students at free of cost.


 A Step Towards Elevation Of Agriculture And Education


Karene district is located in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone. The Helping Hand International (HHI) West Africa team was seeking for an agricultural land with their motive of elevation of Agricuture and Education. Thus the team visited Karene District on 26thAugust 2020. The team had a discourse with the villagers that resided there and thereafter had an agreement with the village community. As per the agreement, the team of HHI West Africa promised to supply village community with high quality seeds to cultivators and in turn land will be provided as well as cultivated by the village community. HHI West Africa President, Mr.

Ibrahim Alpha Moigua reported that the land should be cultivated by the one who is associated with agricultural production and agricultural materials including the seeds were to be provided by the HHI West Africa team. The team further proposed that the yield from that agricultural field will be utilized to fund scholarships for top ten meritorious students to pursue their secondary education and for one student who has successfully completed secondary studies as well as willing to pursue his/her higher studies. HHI West Africa has also promised that if the yields are produced on large scale then HHI West Africa would look forward to construct a school for them.


According to the HHI West Africa team, the villagers were quite contented and surprised because prior to the approaches of HHI West Africa team, they have never met any group with such developmental ideas. They were delighted and came forward to work with HHI West Africa. The villagers also wanted HHI West Africa to look after other sectors for further development.


 Benefaction For Underprivileged in West Africa.


Ibrahim Sorrie Bangua is a resident of West Africa. Mr. Bangua was unwell and eventually due his deterioration of health, the person was taken to a village of Bombali District where the


traditional methods were applied to heal him. Rather than betterment Mr. Bangua’s health deteriorated more due to adverse effect of traditional treatement. Later, Ibrahim Sorrie Bangua went through surgeries and other medical procedures though which a tube was inserted below the vocal chords.

Meanwhile, as reported by Helping Hand International (HHI) West Africa President, Mr.

Ibrahim Alpha Moigua, someone contacted the team of HHI West Africa to seek medical aid for Mr. Bangua. As the community of Helping Hand International has always been involved in upliftment of underprivileged, so they wholeheartedly came forward to help Mr. Ibrahim Sorrie Bangua who was going through the harsh phase of his life. The HHI team shared a video (forwarded by Ibrahim Sorrie Bangua himself) in vaious social networking sites and also encouraged people to come forward for contribution. Immediately HHI West Africa President, Mr. Ibrahim Alpha Moigua asked his team to pay visit and take a note of the whole situation. The HHI West Africa team reported that the person who was taking care of Ibrahim Sorrie Bangua’s health, unfortunately the man died. The doctor who was looking after Ibrahim Sorrie Bangua has travelled back to his native land. Sadly, Ibrahim Sorrie Bangua was left with no other ways to earn his livelihood and thus he chose to roam around Bombali District of Makeni

City by begging for food, shelter and aid for medical treatment. On 20th August 2020, HHI West Africa President, Mr. Ibrahim Alpha Moigua went to Ibrahim Sorrie Bangua’s residence.

Thereafter, HHI West Africa team had an agreement to provide all the expenses pertaining to Mr. Ibrahim Sorrie Bangua’s treatment. HHI West Africa President,

Mr. Ibrahim Alpha Moigua personally came forward and took Ibrahim Sorrie Bangua to Freetown hospital. As estimated by HHI West Africa team, Two Million Sierra Leone Leones (203.78 USD) were spend by HHI West Africa on the surgeries and all the medical procedures. Further, a cheque of One Million Five Hundred Thousand Sierra Leone Leones (154.84 USD) were provided by HHI West Africa team to Ibrahim Sorrie Bangua’s family.


 Initiatives to help the poor during the COVID 19 Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic has left the world in a state of shock and distress. With no proper wages, more than half a million people working in the informal labour sector have been forced to stay hungry and travel back home. These labourers do not have access to basic sanitation needs and medicines amidst the pandemic. In a developing country like India, the informal labour sector has been badly hit by

the COVID-19 pandemic. These migrant labourers need financial and psychological support amidst this COVID-19 pandemic. A proper supply of basic needs and medication to the migrant labourers is the need of the hour. We started distributing nutritional and energy-packed foods such as biscuits, bread, and rusk to the migrating labourers. We provided these migrant labourers with a 450 calorie meal which was cooked by a team of well-trained in-house cooks who follow standard operating procedures to maintain hygiene and quality protocols while working. We have worked in collaboration with the Government of Gujarat to find out places where these migrant labourers are struggling to get a single meal in order to provide them with the food packet. We also distributed masks and

sanitizers to those who are in need. We did massive campaigns regarding the practice of social

distancing norms and hygiene protocols amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.If a migrant labourer


needs to travel to another state, the person would need a migratory pass. Getting this migratory pass isn’t easy for a labourer who is illiterate. Our organization arranged migratory passes for 8000 labourers for travelling from Gujarat to Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.


Due to the pandemic, many people have lost their jobs with no more money to spend on health and sanitation. Keeping in view the whole pandemic situation, the Governments ordered to wear masks compulsorily, but the poor people have no money to buy food, and also procuring a mask isn't an easy task. So, our Helping Hand International Chandigarh,India team has come to help those people who cannot afford masks and sanitizers because of their poor economic status and arrange mask distribution drive in Mohali district of Punjab, India, so that we can prevent this infectious virus, Covid-19, from reaching people.